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Labour cabinet approves Ox Close Schools move to Durham Road

by deanranyard on 21 April, 2021

Today the Labour cabinet at Durham County Council have approved the amalgamation of Ox Close Primary and Oxclose Nursery Schools, with the merged school to move to a new building on the Durham Road site of the former Tudhoe Grange Comprehensive School.

The new school due to open in September 2024 is to be nearly double the capacity of the existing schools and will be the largest Primary School in the entire County.

During the consultation period on the proposals, 118 responses were received with 49 agreeing to the proposals and 69 being against, with the main objections raised being the location of the new school.  Despite the majority of respondents being against the proposals, the Labour cabinet have chosen not to take those concerns onboard and press ahead with the plans anyway.

Lib Dem Councillor Dean Ranyard commented, “Whilst a new school for the town is needed, it should be a completely new school in an area of the town not currently well served by existing schools such as DurhamGate for example.”

“Durham Road already has two Primary Schools on it and to add a third with a capacity for nearly 700 children is simply going to add to the traffic congestion that already exists on this stretch of road at school times and increase road safety concerns.”

“This decision shows a complete lack of foresight by the Labour administration at County Hall.  It was only five years ago that £1.25 million of taxpayers money was spent on extending Ox Close Schools.  It seems a complete waste to now move the schools from the existing site so shortly after that significant investment.”

“Once again Labour show that they will simply not listen to concerns that are raised during consultation.  The majority of people who responded were against this move, yet they are going ahead with it regardless.”

Ox Close Primary and Nursery Schools will merge and move to a new building on the Durham Road site of the former Tudhoe Grange Comprehensive School

Promoted by Mark Wilkes, Petite Mer, St Oswald’s Square, Durham, DH1 5ET for and on behalf of Dean Ranyard, Martin Jones and Beckie Calder (Lib Dems).

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